We offer integrated hospitality management services. We blend creativity with operational know-how to drive business. From the initial design to overseeing daily operations and everything in between, we create memorable guest experiences and owner value.

Independent Hotel Operations

We offer sophisticated solutions for independent hotels that won’t benefit from a multi-brand traditional approach. Our hands-on approach can strengthen operations, increase distribution, reinvigorate sales and marketing efforts while retaining all the things your guests love about you.

Concept Development

We didn’t jump on the boutique bandwagon, it’s been the core of our business since day one. With a deeply personalized approach, our hands-on management style and extensive F&B experience, EDS managed properties are the talk of the town. Our Hotel development and hospitality management experience is underpinned by our belief in approachable luxury and uncommon experiences.

Interior Design

They’re not called design hotels for nothing. Each of our properties is an “original” inspired by the neighborhood, the guests and our own travels. Details surprise and delight at every turn. Let us turn a design eye on.

Identity & Branding

A strong brand story drives everything from operations to interior design. Using market knowledge, demographics and an occasional hunch, we get to the core of a property's offerings to build nimble brands that maximize revenue potential. We give your brand life with careful attention to details big and small through creative art direction, clear communications and programming the guest experience.


Tailored to your needs, EDS offers practical and profit-driven solutions. From conceptualization to operations, our team will help you find your way to greater profitability.



Reaching well outside the box, EDS brings inventive strategies and sound financial planning to each project. Our hotel management and development company delivers personalized service and warm hospitality to guests, employees and owners alike.

There isn’t one right way to build and manage a hotel. Our expertise lies in the combination of flexibility and experience matched with an unsurpassed level of passion. Reach out, we’d love to talk all things hotel, dining and travel related with you.


We eat, drink and sleep what we do and are as enthusiastic about enjoying our unique properties as we are about the exciting work we do for them. Want to join in on the fun? We're are always looking for hospitality superstars to add to our growing team.