Luxury Accommodations. Progressive Cuisine. Stylish Lounges. Engaging Recreation. Eat.Drink.Sleep. offers a memorable service experience in unexpected locales appealing to a smart, forward-thinking clientele.


Eat.Drink.Sleep. is an innovator in the lifestyle hospitality sector and committed to creating authentic guest experiences. Each property in our portfolio is a unique destination that reflects the personality and charm of its locale while harnessing the creative power of our expert designers, restaurateurs and hoteliers. We specialize in introducing exceptional properties to secondary cities and positioning them to be the premier destination in the market.


Reaching well outside the box, EDS brings inventive strategies and sound financial planning to each project. Our team delivers personalized service and warm hospitality to guests, employees and owners alike.


Management Team

Brett Miller

President and CEO

Brett Miller is one of San Diego’s most successful hotel developers and restaurant entrepreneurs. Proprietor and Chief Executive of Eat.Drink.Sleep. Brett’s initial venture was the acquisition of a neighborhood bar, Moondoggies in 1990. With uncompromising entrepreneurial vision, Brett has driven EDS to be a thought-leader in the hospitality field by tapping into the power of authentic lifestyle brands.

Eat.Drink.Sleep.’s first hotel, Tower23 Hotel in San Diego, opened to national acclaim in July 2005. Leveraging his early success, Brett acquired and renovated Heat Hotel, Lake Havasu, AZ in 2007 and Padre Hotel, Bakersfield, CA in 2009.

In 2012, Eat. Drink. Sleep. aligned with Pacifica Enterprises to oversee the renovation and management of Lakehouse Hotel and Resort as well as the food and beverage outlets at San Diego’s historic Belmont Park.

Steve Smith

Vice President of Operations

Steve Smith brings over twenty five years of industry experience to Eat.Drink.Sleep. During this career, he has worked with hospitality icons, such as Paragon Restaurants and Morton’s Restaurant Group. Steve brings an invaluable perspective to EDS development projects, including acumen in project feasibility, venue design, business development and operational management.

Colleen Williams

Chief Financial Officer

Colleen Williams maximizes EDS’s financial assets while overseeing investor relations, business planning and risk management. Colleen is a Certified Hospitality Accountant and has twenty years of financial leadership. Working closely with executives at each property EDS manages, she has established company-wide financial policies, procedures and reporting systems.

Stacy Warner

Director of Sales And Marketing

Stacy Warner directs sales, marketing and brand strategies for Eat.Drink.Sleep’s portfolio. With 12 years of hotel experience, Stacy oversees a team of sales directors and revenue managers focused on maximizing revenue through innovative strategies while driving marketing, advertising and e-commerce initiatives.

David Warner

Corporate Executive Chef

Bring your appetite! Chef David Warner directs culinary operations at our award-winning dining concepts. Well-connected to both artisan purveyors and larger culinary trends, Warner’s cuisine is classic, flavorful food that creatively reflects the season. A graduate of Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale School of Culinary Arts, Chef Dave brings passion and a commitment to excellence to every dish.

Chris Delaney

Wine Director & Certified Sommelier

Chris has dedicated his career to make drinking out more fun. Passionate about wine and service, his expertise and network of relationships with wineries ensure that each property has a wine list that is both appealing and adventurous. Chris is responsible for wine education, challenging management to think beyond varietals and regions so that they may better communicate with guests.

Anthony Garcia

Director of Design

With renegade style and  innovative vision, Anthony steers the design for Eat.Drink.Sleep.’s portfolio. Anthony’s mission is to create a sense of comfort and wonder while authentically reflecting the locale’s  sense of place. His designs are hip and forward-thinking, but rooted in the classics to stand the test of time.

Asiyih Linz

Marketing Manager

After getting her feet wet on the beaches of Belmont (pun intended), Asiyih joined the EDS team to help manage the brand, online presence, and media strategy for the rest of the company’s portfolio. Inspired by the creative team around her, when she’s not conceptualizing promotions and developing marketing campaigns, you can find her alliterating hashtags and rhyming taglines.

Jessica Nichols

Senior Graphic Designer

Her love of flowboarding at WaveHouse brought her to San Diego, her tremendous talent landed her the position as Senior Graphic Designer. Keeping each property’s distinctive brand in mind, Jessica creates a canvas that incorporates a fresh, fun yet clean design into each of her projects. Whether at her desk or on the FlowBarrel, she’s always on board exceeding expectations and leaving her unique mark on the work she touches.

Haley Hohengarten

Multimedia Specialist

Most comfortable behind the camera, Haley sees life through the lens capturing the essence of each venue through her photography and videography. A foodie at heart, when Haley isn’t shooting photographs of each restaurant’s delicious menu items, she’s eating them. You can also count on her to handle everything social bringing a clever voice and creative eye to each page garnering engagement and followers across all platforms.